Our Vision and Mission


Vidyadayinee English Medium School aims at imparting quality education and training to all without distinction of caste and creed , languages ,economic levels of student community, keeping in view of the educational needs of the community around from time to time around and bring in the positive behavioural changes and build quality leadership with Indian culture, human values, better life skills and intellectual excellence.


  • Vidyadayinee English Medium School plans and works as a united team .
  • To promote all-round development of students – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
  • To adopt corrective measures by counselling to refine the personality and to foster creative ability, critical thinking and right decision making ability to further develop the students into fully flowered personalities.
  • To inspire the students to be morally upright, deeply loyal and always striving hard to achieve high bench mark in whatever branch of learning within the purview of Indian Constitution
  • Vidyadayanee High School,To build a spirit of fellowship and equality that leads to mutual understanding and cooperation and that breaks down the barriers which lead to every person to realise national integrity, peaceful living and progressive endeavour.
  • To encourage innovative practices in teaching and learning, mentoring and counselling and many other competitive and healthy contemporary school practices to help the ambitious parents and the community in the region and hence serve the nation.