Discipline Rules


  1. The houses which are in charge of discipline must maintain the discipline of the classes with the help of Class Leaders and the Deputy Class Leaders.
  2. The leaders of the class must maintain a “record” book regarding the discipline of their respective classes.
  3. During the Lunch Break and the recess hours (2 and 6 period) students must maintain proper discipline of the school.


  1. Students should not go to other classes unnecessarily.
  2. No students can go out of the class in between the periods without the permission of the teachers.
  3. During the lunch break , students should not wander or play in the surroundings of the school. Instead they have to make use of their time inside the class room.
  4. Students should not go out of the school campus without the permission of the teachers.
  5. While going to P.E.T., K.D.M., Computer, Yoga , Sanskrit or Kannada Classes, students must go in a queue, silently.
  6. Nails must neatly cut and trimmed.
  7. Students should not write any vulgar words or unwanted matters on the blackboard, walls , desks or benches.
  8. All the students should observe perfect discipline whenever they are coming or going out of the school and also they should safeguard the prestige of the school.
  9. The well disciplined class which gets the highest number of “Flag of Honour” a year is awarded a “Special Prize” during the school Annual Day Celebration.