Information to Parents


  1. Parents are requested to Co-operate with the school authorities in matters of discipline, regular hours of study at home and regular attendance at school.
  2. Parents are requested not to send children to school if they suffer from any communicative disease until a doctor certifies to the effect that the child is fit to attend classes and the disease unlikely to spread to others.
  3. Leave of absence from the classes for attending marriages, funerals etc., must be brought to the notice of the principal and the reason must be mentioned in the calendar duly signed by the parents. 4. Parents / Guardians are recommended to call at the principal’s office between 9.30 A.M. and 2.00 P.M. to ascertain from the school authorities the conduct and progress of the students under their charge.
  4. Progress report will be issued after every unit test for X std. It should be returned to the class teacher duly signed by the parent or guardian within two days of issue.
  5. Any letters addressed to the students through the school is subjected to scrutiny by the Principal. 7. Complaints or suggestions for betterment of the school should be brought directly to the Principal.
  6. Parents are requested not to enter the class rooms and meet individual teachers during class hours.
  7. Parents are requested not to allow their children to bring any money to school without the permission of the Principal, except the money absolutely needed, for instance; for the bus etc.,
  8. All vehicles bringing children to school should stop outside the school gate during all seasons.
  9. Parents / Guardians are requested to meet the class teachers in the school and make enquiries regarding their children’s progress at least once a month.
  10. Criticism of teachers or school by the parent/guardians should be avoided, if any legitimate complaint, meet the Principal during the office time or the complaint box may be used for the purpose.
  11. Parents are expected to look into their children’s school diary and homework book.
  12. Support the school to achieve big.
  13. Parents may take note of some new school practices like
  14. a) Grade I & II – “Drushya”
  15. b) Grade III & IV – “Prathibimba”
  16. c) Grade V & IX – “Darpana”

These are the meetings of parents and teachers of respective grades to improve school system.  Parents of X also will be invited to the school for interaction after every test / examination.